• Does your scale stay 'STUCK' regardless of what you do???

    Did losing weight use to be easy where you could drop 10 pounds or more simply by going on a diet for a few weeks...

    and now....NOTHING?!?!?

  • Can YOU relate to ANY of these statements?

    • ..I’ve been on so many diets, the experts call me for advice
    • Up until a few years ago, if I wanted to lose weight, I would cut calories for a few days and BAM!…the weight would just fall off.
    • The less I eat, the more I gain
    • I hit the gym hard, but my scale just doesn’t shift for the better
    • I’m way too tired to do the things I used to fit in my day easily
    • I crave sweets and salt all day long
    • I eat well and exercise by my pants keep getting tighter
    • I count calories and my calories in are lower than my calories out, but I’m not losing weight
    • I’m waiting until ....I drop 10 (20, 30, 40, 50) pounds before I ask for a raise, beginning interviewing for a new job or start dating again.
    • My confidence has really taken a blow – I would rather be a wall flower than have people notice me
    • No matter what bug is going around, I will catch it.

  • I could certainly relate. I was a DIET JUNKY!


    I would be successful for a week or two while I was following it word for word. I would drop 10 or 20 pounds (and occasionally 30 or 40), go back to ‘regular’ eating and the weight would come right back ….and then some.


    Then it happened….


    No matter what I tried. I was stuck.


    The weight just wouldn’t budge. I tried a keto diet, guaranteed to help even the hardest cases lose weight. I had no more than a couple of pounds of fluctuation. I ate paleo, same result. I went fully gluten free with minimal grains and GAINED a few pounds.


    What was wrong with me?!?!? How could the rest of the world have these amazing results, and here I was, spending hours working out and counting every calorie that was going in my body with NO results.


    I had BROKEN my metabolism. (keep reading to see the 3 part plan I used to fix it!)


    All my overzealous dieting and crazy workouts that had worked when I was younger was actually adding up to a great, big, gigantic breakdown in my body.


    But it wasn’t JUST the dieting and exercise that caused the breakdown.


    My daily life was contributing to the breakdown. I was stressing my body out (maybe you can relate?!?) with:

    • My demanding, high stress job
    • Watching and supporting my mom fight and lose her battle with cancer
    • The stress of dating and bad relationships
    • Continually shorting my body of sleep to ‘fit more in’
    • Cutting out my own personal self-care to give more to others even when I was running on fumes
    • Not supporting my chronically low-functioning thyroid and just hoping for the best
    • Stress eating (and gasp! Drinking!) with sugar, grease and carbs while washing it down with beer, wine and cocktails

    I had severe adrenal fatigue, the ‘cortisol belly’ and just plain exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME.


    Your metabolism is more than ‘something you were born with.’ It is actually how your hormones and your body’s systems interact and decide whether to store fat or burn fat.


    Our metabolism is responsible for between 60% - 70% of our fat burning capability.


    By ‘breaking’ (SO not a scientific term! HA!) my metabolism, I had basically shut down all communication in my body in regards to getting rid of my excess fat.


    Instead of my body burning fat with the strict diets and intensive exercises, my body turned on survival mode and held on to everything it possibly could. Not only was I getting FATTER, I was always exhausted, my menstrual cycles were no longer like clockwork and I had a frustratingly low sex drive. (SO not normal for this girl!)


    After some deep dive research, I learned that by breaking my body, I had thrown off the normal workings for my endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid and hormones), immune system AND the central nervous system.


    I knew I needed to fix this. STAT!

  • My 3 Part Plan to 'Unbreak' My Body


    Step 1: I began by supplementing my daily nutrition with adrenal support and adaptogens like schisandra and ashwaghanda. My local nutrition store gave me a great recommendation for adrenal support to help my body begin to replenish itself.


    Step 2: To alleviate some of the major stress on my body, I cut back on the intense workouts and focused on meditative walking and added in my now daily habit of following the 5 Tibetan Rites for flexibility, strength and support of the endocrine system.


    Step 3: The most critical step was when I began to eat to SUPPORT my body and give it the loving nutrition it needed to recover and rebuild itself. I left out the high allergy foods, sugars and crap food and filled it in with whole, real foods that nourished my body.


    Within DAYS, the scale began to go down. My body slowly began to self-regulate hormones, my stress levels diminished and I began to experience more energy with less brain fog. The best part was my confidence began to soar!


    As my energy increased and my scale started to decrease, my old confidence made an appearance!


    I was beginning to stand taller, feel better in my clothes, and best of all, began to value myself and silently commanded others to value me as well. (or they were left at the curb with the rest of my trash!)


    It was amazing!


    The biggest piece of the puzzle was figuring out the food and making a simple, easy plan that I could follow - no matter what.


    Eating to nourish my body was the central part of making things work. Instead of waging a war with my body at every meal, I was making peace by offering the building blocks my body had been requesting (okay, BEGGING) for to heal. …and to FINALLY release the excess baggage I had been hanging on to for years.

  • I just couldn’t keep my 3 part plan to myself!


    I KNEW there were others that had been suffering with the same issues I had been suffering with. I knew I had a solution that may help other people heal their bodies, mind and spirits. If I was able to reverse my own pain, my 3 part plan could also help others rebuild their bodies, regain their confidence and recapture their energy!


    As I began sharing this simple eating plan, I was told – this is great. I’m sure it would work, but I just DON’T cook. If I can’t buy it already done or made, it just isn’t going to happen.


    I went back to the drawing board and created the supplemental Cheater’s Guide to Success!


    The Cheater’s Guide to Success shares work around tips at the grocery store, restaurants (including sit-down, quick service AND fast food) and even what to pick up at the convenience store while you are on the run while still making the plan work for you.


    To add to the simplicity, I designed the Food Tracker so all you have to think about is matching your food choice to the check box and mark it off as you go on with your day.


    What I love the most about this plan, is that for LESS THAN the price of 3 lattes from your local coffee shop, it gives a framework for lifelong healthy eating. It is not JUST another ‘lose it quick’ diet plan.


    The choice is yours whether you choose to follow the plan for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or the rest of your life. The framework is simple, easy and with the supplemental Cheater’s Guide to Success can be followed while dining out, going through a drive through and even buying food at a convenience store!


    The changes I’ve been seeing in my body, mind and spirit have been incredible. Are you ready to take action today to begin your own transition in body, mind and spirit??? (for less than the price of your weekly lattes?!?!?)


    Wishing, dreaming and hoping for change won’t bring change. Making the first step by investing in the tools that may lead to the change you are wishing, dreaming and hoping for will commit you to taking the journey that could heal your body, mind and spirit while increasing energy, seeing your scale drop and bringing back your confidence. Start by making the investment in you.


  • What is included with the Metabolic Reboot Regimen

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    The Cheater's Guide to Success

    This Supplemental guide shares guidelines of what foods to choose and what foods to avoid while you are dining out at a sit down restaurant, quick service, fast food and even convenience stores!

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    Food Tracker

    The Food Tracker attached at the back of the Metabolic Reboot Regimen guide is your daily reminder of what type of foods to eat when. It provides a box to check off as well as a space to fill in the the actual food you ate. This is great for tracking the days that went well so you may replicate them and days that were not so successful that you may avoid again in the future.


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    • Shift your health
    • Rebuild your confidence
    • Reboot your metabolism
    • Nourish your body
    • See your scale move in the right direction

    If you are not 100% blown away with the ease and simplicity our guide, supplement and tracking tool will allow you to take a step forward in increasing your wellness, confidence and energy, we will refund your investment. No questions asked.


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